Chibi Touhou Project Kumoi Ichirin Papercraft

I had a feeling that this model is made by cafetera or ssh but I couldn't be sure because my Japanese are not that good yet. It surely does has... more

Tohou Project Fujiwara no Mokou Papercraft

This is Fujiwara no Mokou from Touhou Project's old pc game that began in 1995 by Team Shanghai Alice. Fujiwara used to be human till she drinks Hourai elixir 1300... more

Touhou Project Koakuma Papercraft

Koakuma is a devil that remains a mystery in Touhou Project series. Not many info is known about her and she doesn't make much appearances in game. What is known... more

Flandre Scarletto by Jazz Tracey

A finish model by Jazz Tracey of Flandre Scarletto from touhou project. Guess what, Jazz is a girl. We don't usually get much contribution from girls here don't we ?... more

Touhou Project Toyosatomimi no Miko Papercraft

Miku is a fully immortal hermit and her real name is Toyosatomimi no Miko, the final boss of Ten Desires in Touhou Project pc game. She appeared in Touhou Project's... more

Touhou Project Satori Komeiji Papercraft

Satori Komeiji can read minds and she controlled various youkai and spirits with her mind and heart reading. If according to wiki pictures Satori Komeji is not as pretty as... more