Bicycle Origami

Someone on FB requested an origami paper craft so here it is, a bicycle origami. Bicycle origami is not for the fainthearted as its difficulty is hard and has about... more

Odin Sphere Gwendolyn Papercraft

Gwendolyn is a playable character from the Odin Sphere video game, she is the youngest daughter of Demon Lord Odin. Gwendolyn is the Valkyrie princess of Ragnanival and the wife of... more

Chibi Touhou Project Kumoi Ichirin Papercraft

I had a feeling that this model is made by cafetera or ssh but I couldn't be sure because my Japanese are not that good yet. It surely does has... more

Sultan Ahmed Camii Turkey Mosque Papercraft

Recently a friend of mine invited me to visit Turkey, when I asked her what is good about Turkey then she mention this architecture building - Sultan Ahmed Camii mosque. The... more

Spixie Fairy Spring Papercraft

Another model made by cafetera this time it's a fairy of spring . This original character called spixie is made based on a lemon squeeze.. Whatever that means. I saw... more

Little Doll Princess Papercraft

Little Doll Princess is a video game for Nintendo 3DS new Cooking Mama style of game. It is made for release in Japan, consist of a princess like character who... more