Chibi Eren Yeager Shingeki No Kyojin Papercraft

Hey folks.. FINALLY IT'S HERE!! Eren Yeager as promised. I am sharing this since we reach 1 million views since August 2013. Thanks Reza Ongo Nalendra for playing along with... more

Hatsune Miku by Radite

Remember this guy? The one that took Black Rock Shooter and took her picture in a secluded area behind his house? yep that's the guy. Well this time he brought... more

Assassins Creed Jackdaw Black Flag Ship Papercraft

Such long titles, such fun, wow. Okay so this is the official release of Assassins Creed Jackdaw ship paper craft model by Ubisoft. Assassins Creed Black Flag is the 4th... more

Bicycle Origami

Someone on FB requested an origami paper craft so here it is, a bicycle origami. Bicycle origami is not for the fainthearted as its difficulty is hard and has about... more

Odin Sphere Gwendolyn Papercraft

Gwendolyn is a playable character from the Odin Sphere video game, she is the youngest daughter of Demon Lord Odin. Gwendolyn is the Valkyrie princess of Ragnanival and the wife of... more

Chibi Touhou Project Kumoi Ichirin Papercraft

I had a feeling that this model is made by cafetera or ssh but I couldn't be sure because my Japanese are not that good yet. It surely does has... more