Danboard Mini Plastic Model Kit

Last month Amiami.com open up pre-order of Danboard's mini plastic model kit which costed around $10. It height about 3 1/2 inches. Being a cheapskate I ordered it right away and... more

Danbo Photoshoot

I went and do some photoshoot with danbo today ^^ You can DIY your own danbo using this template : click here

Danbo Papercraft Model

I have finally finished my papercraft danbo , or shall I say danbo pepakura. This model is about 12cm high and only uses 2 sheets of paper. Took me 6 hours... more

Danbo Papercraft Project

The first paper model that I want to make is Danboard from Yotsuba. I wanted its figure but there's always something else that needed money . I searched around and... more