Hogwarts Castle Papercraft

Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle. Now you can force your paper model of harry, Hermione and the red hair dude goes to school. Also makes a good diorama background for medieval settings .

Here’s a trivia for you. Ever wonder about the word “medieval” ? For some reason it sounds like Medium Evil. Which is precisely correct in some way. if we look back in history and movies of that age everyone is pretty much barbaric and evil lord is everywhere. Oh and dragons! don’t forget the dragons

p/s I think dragons are cute. The imaginary dragon that exist back in medieval. Not the one you can buy at pet store

Hogwarts Castle 2

Hogwarts Castle 1

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  1. Hi,

    I can not extract the second rar archive, I always get the message that it is damaged. Is there a chance that you can check it and maybe mail me the second file?

    Thanks in advance

    • have you tried using winrar?

      • I use winrar!
        but I can’t extract archives!
        help me please! Thanks

        • then try using winzip

          • Still not working, no matter which uncompressing software I use. I get either the message that the file is damaged, or the password is not accepted. Everything is fine with the first archive, but the second one is still a no go. Any idea what to do?

          • i tested it again and the file is working fine on my end. did you use winrar? the first and second part are the same files it’s just that they are in two seperate parts. You only need to extract one of them, not both.

          • I need only one part? Now THAT’s great news!! I thought the whole time that I need the scond one, too, to have the complete model. I didn’t want to start it only to be stuck becuase of missing parts. But if they are both identical everything is fine, I cann expand the first file without any problem.

            Well… so I will start to build it. Thanks a lot!

          • lol. glad it work out

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