Yui SAO Anime Papercraft

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I know I haven’t update much recently and I was intending to post this model by Tankball, the guy who made life size Asuna model also made their child Yui. However Yui is made in a normal figurine size.

I think it certainly does look similar to Yui in many ways but somehow she looks a bit tall in tankball version? I always thought Yui was a bit shorter and smaller.

In Sword Art Online anime, Yui is actually a program that monitor players health and environment. After everyone was trapped in SAO, Yui lost her purpose. She wander around in SAO doing what she was programmed to but question her own being.

Yui met Asuna and Kirito later in the game, stuff happened and they took her as their virtual child.

Yui’s model comes in .PDO only, her model requires 22 piece of paper to build. If you like Tankball models, you may visit and favourite him in his deviantart page here

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