VF-1S STRIKE VALKYRIE from the anime Macross and Robotech. It’s a nice model although I’m not a fan of Macross anime series.

The “Strike” Valkyrie is a minor variant to Shinnakasu Heavy Industry’s highly successful FAST Pack augmentative space weapon system.

Foregoing the standard loadout of two HMMP-02 micro-missile launcher pods, the “Strike” system replaces one of the micro-missile pods (typically starboard) with a Mauler RO-X2A high-powered double-action beam cannon mounted on the NP-BP-01 pod.

It is unknown whether the Strike configuration can substitute both HMMP-02 micro-missile launchers for a pair of Mauler RO-X2A cannons.

While a pair of beam cannons may be theoretically possible, such a variant has not been seen in active deployment.

So actually this model is posted by me back in 2012 however during our hosting/website transition it seems that the template files went missing.

Luckily, I have backup. So to those who are looking, we still have the files here.

Made by paper zen


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