Watashino Kotoba anime Papercraft

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted any worthwhile models. Today we have a model from Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 anime girl papercraft model by RageBurster.

First and foremost I’ll be honest with you guys, I couldn’t find this character in Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s character list. So I assume this is actually RageBurster original character?

He/She named the character Watashi no Kotoba , which translated as “my voice” . There’s a character name Silence Sizuka on the show but she looks a bit different.

And since Uma Musume is actually a mobile game , this could be his/her character instead. Yes you could play Uma Musume Pretty Derby on your android or iOS.

Anyway this model is an unfinished and you need to edit the papercraft yourself before printing it. The password for pepakura designer is : SecretGRADUATION

And if you could finish the model, do e-mail RageBurster at  472788280@qq.com.

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