Tohsaka Rin Papercraft

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An old model of Tohsaka Rin from Fate Stay Night and other Fate series. I’m sure many of you knows who she is.

Tohsaka in Fate Stay/Night summoned an archer and thus involved in the war to get the holy cup/holy grail. I’m not sure what the cup is called it’s been years since I watch the series.

Like any other clich? female character with a strong princess like personality, she falls in love with a wimpy whiny hero name Shiro.

Infact I think everyone in Stay/Night has the hot for Shiro, the wimpiest anime hero next to Raiden from MGS 2.

Yes.. I dislike both Tohsaka and Shiro very much. Papercraft design by Tulkas The Vala

Do inform me back if you can’t extract file


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