I have a special paper craft to give out this Halloween season and it’s a scan of T800 Endoskeleton papercraft from the Terminator 2 paper craft book by Kodansha.

First I’ll let you know the good news first. It has a complete instructions on how to assemble it.

Yes finally a perfect paper craft model with a complete instruction. Usually a paper craft this grand does not come with instruction and you have to build it in the dark but this time we have light.

As you might already know, papercraft this grand comes with lots of templates. This one came with 100 piece of paper to be printed. So this is a big project and if you’re a beginner it’s not recommended however if you were to build it with friends as a team for a school project , Terminator 2 T800 Endoskeleton paper craft is a good one.

If you like this model, please buy the book. It’s discontinued at some of biggest shop but still available on Mandarake for around 3800 yen.

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  1. Qual a senha para o T-800?

  2. Can I have the password for the t800 papercraft files?

    1. Please read FAQ. Password is in faq

  3. One page – p109.jpg will not extract. Error message is: “Data error: Wrong password? p109.jpg”
    All other pages extracted OK.

    1. If you are using winrar, please redownload the file and dont use any download manager

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