Suntory Nomu Paper craft

Suntory Nomu is a Japanese virtual youtuber and this is a premium paper craft made by S.V.

Suntory Nomu (燦鳥ノム, Santori Nomu) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and a marketing effort of consumer drinks giant Suntory. Her name is intended to be a pun in Japanese that literally translates as “Drink Suntory”.

I made a mistake in this post before that causes misunderstanding between me and S.V. , S.V thought I was selling his model while I was explaining that you need to subscribe to his fanbox page for a fee.

Another mistake I make was this model is actually free which you can download directly from the link given below.

We should appreciate that S.V is willing to give this model for free as its quality is a premium one.

I am glad that the misunderstanding has been resolved ^-^

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