Spice & Wolf Tips or Tricks ?

Matteusz finally shared me his tips on how he got his papercraft model to look stunningly realistic and it was pretty much the same way we do Gunpla .

Example is this new Spice and Wolf papercraft’s Horo he made. The basic main color of this papercraft is dark blue, pink and brown.

In order to make no white mark seen on folding/glue part he colored it with similar color and when he glued it there’s no visible white parts seen 😡

Why didn’t I think of these before rawr!! (??????? ???

And here’s the basic craft tool needed for making gundam, and papercraft 😛 A mat, tweezer, cutter , glue, needle pin , tooth picks, and needle pin ?

Tweezer and tooth pick is useful for holding and placing smaller parts, I’m guessing needle pin is there for the same reason.

Just so you know these tools can also kill 😛

If you’d like to see more of mateusz work do visit his website

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