This RX-78 GP03S Dendrobium gundam paper craft I had it in my hdd since 8 years ago and forgotten about it…

Forgive me for not remembering but this gundam model is really big so it wasn’t an option to upload it here back then.

I can however upload it now so hope you guys like it as I do.

Because the file is too big, I split the templates and Instruction into two package. So make sure you download both unless you’re so pro that you don’t need instruction to assemble RX-78 GP03S Dendrobium Gundam.

Model is made by Kyuri. Please read FAQ for password


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  1. hello
    i cant download the instruction.can u please reupload ot again.

  2. hi, sorry for the late reply. Instruction uploaded

    1. It’s asking for a password.

  3. Sorry. I got the password.

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