Pickelhelm Headgear Papercraft

Pickelhelm or known as Pickelhaube is a spiked helmet worn in the 19th and 20th centuries by German military, firefighters, and police. Usually associated with the Prussian army, the helmet was widely imitated by other armies during this period.

Pickelhaube was originally designed in 1842 by King Frederick William IV of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm II is often seen wearing this.

So even though this helm is made in Prussia, it was Germany who made it popular. I often seen this helm in anime, in movies not so much as I prefer to watch WW2 movies more than WW1.

This cosplay helm papercraft requires 11 sheets of paper , difficulty is easy and comes in .pdo version. Pdo files is viewable using Pepakura viewer. Designer is D-Mind


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