Persona 3 Thanatos

Thanatos is the final boss from Persona 3 video game which is first released on the PS2 and later released for PSP, and PS3. It’s by far the best persona series I’ve played.

What did I meant by ‘the best persona series’ ? Well, it has the best female characters for courting and party with. In Persona 4 the girls are just meh.. Not as pretty as Yukari Takeba or Mitsuru, heck even Agies is much more prettier than the girls in P4.

My bet is that they made P4 to attract girl players as the male characters is better than standard version imho.

Thanatos paper craft requires 17 sheets of paper to build. It comes in both .PDO and PDF version, medium hard to built. I don’t know who the author for this model but whoever made it, made it look really good .

Made by Kiri

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