Papercraft Genshin Impact Paimon v2

Previously we posted a version of Paimon paper craft by S.V, today we have another version of Paimon which seems a bit taller and cuter than S.V version.

Paimon is a food in Genshin Impact which floats alongside main character. Yes I think of Paimon as a food and I’ll always choose food whenever question pop up about Paimon.

Anyway this version of Paimon Genshin Impact papercraft is made by Danyu.

It comes with a PDO instruction , so you need a pepakura viewer to view it. The templates is however in PDF.

If you haven’t played the game, please do as it’s available on Android, iOS , PS4 and PS5 for free.

If you happens to looking for more papercraft of Genshin Impact , have a search in our website . We have more


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