Okamiden Chibiterasu Papercraft

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Chibiterasu is the tiny, celestial wolf puppy and the son of Amaterasu. He is the main protagonist and playable character of Okamiden.

Okamiden, also known as Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyo Okami Chronicles: Tiny Sun, is an action-adventure video game published by Capcom for the Nintendo DS released in North America on March 15, 2011. It is a direct sequel to the PlayStation 2 and Wii title Okami.

It was designed by Kuniomi Matsushita, the director of the Wii port of Okami, and Motohide Eshiro, producer of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny.

It was released in Japan on September 30, 2010, and with North American and European releases no later than 2011.

It stars Chibiterasu, a small celestial wolf born from Amaterasu, the protagonist of okami, as well as featuring much of the same gameplay as its predecessor, including the Celestial Brush which allows players to freeze the gameplay and draw shapes or patterns using the touch screen.

Designed by ddi7i4d


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