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To be honest I’m not sure if this is Moon Miku or Snow Miku because the naming files is different but the feature picture has Miku sitting on a moon so I just name it Moon Miku.

Wheew that was a long introduction.

Anyway here is Moon Miku paper craft that comes with JPG templates and PDO file for instruction.

I’m sure by now everyone knows who Miku is right? Hatsune Miku has PSVita , PSP, PS4 video games, top ten hit songs and many more based on her. She’s basically a celebrity.

Of which version this model is based on, I’m not sure but perhaps it’s Snow Miku version. Who made it? Don’t know either as I just found it on net by strangers.


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  1. Iris Mann says:

    Hey if you wanna know, this is not ” moon miku” it’s actually snow miku 2017

  2. when ever i open the file its just random characters that cant be made out into anything

    1. first extract using Winrar and open using either PDF reader or PDO viewer.

  3. Whats the password for the file?

  4. i also need the password T_T

  5. Hi , i like Moon Hatsune Miku Paper craft kindly provide the passwords. Thk u

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