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Hey guys.. It has been a shocking week lately with all the sad news? A plane went missing and was pronounced ended in the south Indian sea. My condolences to the family of flight mh370.

In another news I have been playing Metal Gear solid: Ground Zero and the gameplay is great but it was too short. Even the side mission is short? Kojima is only selling Ground Zero for preview of Phantom Pain, as expected but short mission not more than 2 hours is not in my expected list.

Conclusion, don?t buy it. It?s not worth the money. In fact after the main mission, other mission is just like demo training of sneaking around enemy camp.

And so I am left again feeling bored with nothing to do other than work work work. Then I decided to try playing minecraft. I got it inside my desktop a few years back but never understood what or how to play that thing.

After learning the concept of its gameplay, turn out the game is quite fun. Minecraft is basically lego in 3D. You get to build and destroy things and you get to turn the game into many different genre such as horror, survival, adventure etc.

My friend recently show me a texture pack called Blackapolyse , it?s a black and white texture wich depicting despair and doom kind of feeling. I really love that and been playing basic survival mode using it. It takes my survival world into a creepy horror movie kind of thing ha ha.

And then I tried it with epic jump map butter edition which I am currently stuck at this point here after taking bonus eq and I?m supposed to jump to the next map but I keep dying. Do you guys play this game? Can someone give me a tip on how to cross this place?

If you?re wondering why it?s in black and white.. well that?s because I?m not using the map default template. I am still using blackapolypse. lol

Since I couldn?t cross/ jump that place I just keep remaking new basic world and start over crawling around world finding coal and cobblestone. I plan on making myself a haunted city. Maybe I?ll make a bridge that looks like Ishida and Nishimiya?s hangout place :P

P/s I shed manly tears reading chapter 31. Nishimiya?s mom is being misunderstood. I can feel her sorrow


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