Megumin Paper craft

This is Megumin from the popular comedy RPG world isekai anime Konosuba.

Megumin is an arch-wizard that specialize in only explosion skill. She doesn’t have any other skill other than explosion skill which uses all her MP and which only can be used once a day.

She’s practically a useless arch-wizard.

Konosuba is a great anime that everyone should watch. It’s basically a funny version of Re-Zero : life in another world. So if you haven’t watch it Go and watch it on any free streaming anime sites right now!

I don’t usually share this kind of paper craft build because I consider it more like paper children type of paper craft where mypapercraft usually caters for figma/figurine like models.

However since it’s Megumin , I just had to share it with you guys.

Download Megumin

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