Lucius Malfoy’s Wand Papercraft

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With this wand in your hand you can now be an evil wiz. But Malfoy ain’t evil, he’s just a bully? When I saw him in the movie all he did was give girlish stare and play words with Dumbledore..

If you guys missed Malfoy and wanted to be one of the Slytherin then feel free to use this wand made by Tektonten Papercraft.

Lucius Malfoy is one of Harry Potter’s character by J.K Rowling. His character was potrayed by Jason Isaacs in the movies. My god… I didn’t realize it’s the same actor from Awake tv series. To be honest I thought Jason Isaacs plays Professor Snape 😛

Not much can be said about this wand other than it’s straight and pointed, comes in .PDO and PDF, requires only 1 piece of paper. Very simple to make even kindergarden can make it.


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