I know some of you guys have a thing for Link so here’s Link and Navi paper craft.

Link is the main character from Zelda video game series from Nintendo consoles. I said consoles since he and the game series appears in almost every consoles Nintendo ever created.

He’s in 3DS, NDS , Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Although some of it probably the same game.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t like anything resembling Peter Pan and that same applies to Link as he looks a bit like Peter.

The only Peter I like is Peter Griffin. Coz he’s funny.

Model is by crisiscraft.blogspot.com


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  1. Daniel Navarro says:

    Hi the download link seems to lead to a broken file, would you mind uploading it again? Thanks!

    1. Download link is fine. Click the zip icon

      1. Do you have the password for the file? mypapercraft.net doesn’t seem to work

        1. If you’re not using winrar, the password wont work.

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