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Lightning Gundam is Kousaka Yuuma’s gunpla from the anime Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Kousaka Gundam has high performance sensors in the shoulders and by coupling the beam rifle for long distance shooting .

There’s no official bust model by Bandai which mean this is an original model made by a pepakura designer.

I think our Lightning Bust here is made by Gundam Thailand designer, I’m not sure though because I got it from a free file-sharing.

Now building this bust requires 13 sheets of paper , around 108 parts , 3 blue, 1 dark blue, 4 grey, 2 white, 1 red and 2 yellow.


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  1. Love all the posts but when you download them you need a password.
    Could you let me know what the password is ? I would like to build this.

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