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Her real name is Kamui Kanna but she is also known as Kobayashi Kanna from the anime and manga Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon .

This is an old paper craft made by a pixiv user Fortunately .

Kanna is a soft spoken young female dragon. In the anime she was exiled from her world due to her pranks.

But as far as I remember from watching and reading the manga and anime, Kanna didn’t do any prank to Kobayashi at all didn’t she?

She’s pretty docile with Kobayashi.

Kanna paper craft requires 4 sheets of paper to build. There is no instruction but the model is an easy one to assemble.


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  1. Whats the password? I can’t open the pontos

  2. Can yall please post instructions :’) idk what I’m doing especially for the head part😭🤚
    (of course you don’t have to if you don’t want but if anyone here planning on assembling it please post on yt:< could really use some help sosnxkhadk)

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