Kinshiko chan is one of many characters in Kemono Friends anime, mobile game.

To be honest I can’t really tell what her animal character is but since she wearing that tiara and holding a staff, I’m assuming she’s a monkey.

She looks a bit like Sun Wukong/Son Goku from Gensomaiden Saiyuki doesn’t she?

Since I haven’t watch its anime , I can’t give any explanation other than what’s written in its Wikipedia page.

Her name is written in Katakana as Kinshikou chan. Now usually words written in Katakana meant something in English. For example Servel is Sebaru, but for this one I couldn’t make it up what it’s trying to say in English…

Other than that it sounded Japanese to me so I’m bewildered why it’s not written in Hiragana.

Model made by S.V


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  1. Ian Quigley says:

    Great website. I hope to attempt some of these in the future.
    This character is known in the anime and game as
    ‘Golden Snub-Nose Monkey’

    Hope that helps

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