Kancolle Kongou Paper craft

Kongou game paper craft is one of the character / ships in Kantai Collection/ kancolle mobile game and manga .

Kongou is hyperactive, very cheerful, loves to mix her Japanese sentences with random English words and is overly fond of her admiral.

She was the only ship of her class that was built by the?Vickers Shipbuilding Company?in the U.K.

I’m not sure if there’s an anime of Kantai Collection but I did read a few of it’s 4 koma manga before.

Anyway Kongou is a Kongou Class Fast Battleship. She is quite popular since she wore a miko suit.

This is a premium model made by Lili and Ledah. There are 2 templates, lines and no lines. Pick whichever you prefer.

For password please read FAQ. Open archive using Winrar

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