JSDF F-15 Fighter Jet Paper Model

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F-15 fighter jet is one of Japan Air Self-Defense Force proudest jet.

It maximum velocity is 2.5 mach speed almost as fast as Iron Man. The F-15 size is around 19.4m full length and 13.1m width. It can only carry 1 person on-board.

There are many version of F-15 in JSDF, there’s F-15C, F-15J, F-15 D/J Eagle and many more version which is based on USA McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle . made by Mitsubishi.

And I thought Mitsubishi only makes car..

Paper craft is easy to build requiring 4 piece of paper. Recommended using 180gsm and above. As usual templates comes with Japanese instruction guide

Papercraft Templates

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