How To Make An Origami Heart


This is a million dollar question, how do you make an origami heart ? Turns out the answers are pretty simple if you follow a turn by turn video guide we had here.

I’ll let you know first that I had never before attempted to make an origami.. Okay maybe I did make some fortune origami back in elementary school but I didn’t even know that was origami back then.

So.. you shouldn’t compare my finished origami heart here with a professional ones okay? To make it look real good, one must enter a fierce training session with thousands of papers first.

The tutorials we had here is for a simple origami which any kids age 3 can do, a 2nd tier level simple heart and a bear. I fail badly with that bear, please forgive my tremble hands.

However rest assure that any beginner could make this in just 5 minutes. It seriously easy to make.

In order to view the flash video you need to have Adobe flash installed or you could just read the color diagram we got included.


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