How I fix my bricked Mecool M8S Pro L

I bought Mecool M8S Pro L from China but it bricked after two days of using. It stuck at the Mecool boot logo forever and just won’t load .

So I google for answers but boy answers were just scarce or might I say really hard to find? So I’m gonna list here ways to unbricked your tv box which one of it might work.

In my case, I actually manage to flash my firmware to custom rom : M8S Pro L Stock Nano Nexus ROM but still stuck at boot logo with the word “Nexus” , which makes me unable to sent back it for refund .

And the way I flash it before no longer work , so I had to find another way to flash it and lastly I found a way to do it.

The first way I flash my firmware is using TWRP.

This is a really simple and easiest way to do it. You need a micro sd card, a mouse and firmware that you wanted to flash.

1. you need TWRP solely made for amlogic boxes. You can get it from M8S Pro L Nexus Rom by Magendanz. Just download the OTA version and extract recovery.img
2. Place recovery.img in sd card
3. Place your firmware .zip file in sd card
4. insert sd card in tv box. Turn on the box and quickly press “menu” button repeatedly until screen shows TWRP screen . Menu button is the one with 3 bars

And then just install your firmware. It’s that easy but mine won’t install this way and it keep giving me cache/data/system error and I couldn’t even format it as it seems my tv box is encrypted. So let’s move to the 2nd way.

The second way is to use Burn Card Maker for Amlogic

You need burn card maker, firmware in .img file which you can download from Nexus Rom by Magendanz and Sd card.

1. Download Burn card maker
2. Extract the archive and run Burn_Card_Maker.exe file to run the tool.
3. Click on upper left chinese menu and choose second option, check ?English Version? and restart the application.
4.  Choose disk then ?Choose your image files? to open image and select your specific .img firmware for your Amlogic device. Also choose your SD card.
5. Press ?Make? button and wait to finish.
6.Now insert the micro SD card in your Amlogic device and power on. Just like before right after powering on your box quickly press “Menu” button and it will flash your firmware right away.

This method succeed for me but still stuck at boot logo. In my case, since I use custom Nexus rom that makes me unable to return back my tvbox to China so I tried flashing it again using Burn Card Maker but it wont work for the second time no matter what firmware I uses.

The Third way is to reset the switch

This is the last method as in the desperate method. You need to open your M8S Pro L box and might break your warranty while doing so. You also need a screw driver , USB Burning tool and a male to male USB cable.

1. Open USB Burning tool and load your firmware .img . In my case I use stock m8s pro L firmware available on freaktab forum.
2. Once it load press start

3. Place the screwdriver right at the PCB spots in the picture. Press your screwdriver there and plug in USB cable. You may need to do this a few time until screwdriver meets the sweets spots to reset the box.
4. Once you see hub connected on USB Burning Tool screen, quickly release your screwdriver from pressing PCB and power on tv box .

Yes you need to power on tv box after you see it’s connected on burning tool screen or else it won’t flash firmware and gave error.

If it succeed burning tool will flash firmware successfully till 100%. Mine manage to flash but still stuck at boot logo but at least it’s MECOOL boot logo so I can at least still send it for a return.

Hope you succeed in unbreaking your box.

Oh and all the tools needed for all the method is available in Nexus Rom Thread by Magendanz linked above

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