HMS Surprise Ship Model

Her Majesty Surprise or known as Unite is a corvette built by the French and captured by the Brits in 1796.

According to history, the captain of Unite has fallen sick to smallpox and was incapacitated which leave the ship to his Lieutenant Le Breton. And then a Brits Captain named Thomas found out about it and intercept Unite, captured it and make it into British property.

Is it me or it did sound like a scenario from a video game ? It felt like I was writing a review of a PS3 game lol.

Ok so back to our ship model here, the reason as to why it was named HMS Surprise is because it was taken by Surprise. Surprise!!! Make sense right?

HMS Surprise model is designed by RocketMan Bryan Tan from deviantart. He made many great looking model so make sure you guys browse his gallery and subscribe to him.

HMS Surprise Ship Model Templates

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