Himouto! Umaru-chan Coke Paper craft

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Domo minna-san~ Today we have Umaru chan and her favorite drink Coke for download !!

I received a private message from Lois Fernando yesterday and he sent me a template of edited Umaru-chan paper craft which her model holding a coke. He asked me to share it with Mypapercraft readers .

I am very grateful that he choose MYP to share his model. Thank you Luis Fernando!

Himouto! Umaru-chan is the main character of the same title Manga and Anime which was running last season I think? I didn’t watch its anime but I did read the manga.

If you want to build Umaru without coke you can download that here : Umaru no cokey . Previously we have two different version of Umaru you can build.

all three of them are easy model to assemble


3 thoughts on “Himouto! Umaru-chan Coke Paper craft”

  1. Do you still have these templates to share? I would love to get the coke bottle Umaru, but the picture papercraft is nowhere to be found anymore :(((

    Also, btw., since I don’t know if it is intentional or not, your “new” design of your website that you have for a few months does not display AT ALL in Chrome. Blank pictures are showing up, and it’s not right. Might want to check that out, since it probably deters people from viewing your site.

    • Hi thank you for your feedback. Do you still unable to use chrome now? Have you tried clearing your cache?

      I will try and upload umaru with bottle coke again later. Please come again

  2. Sorry for not answering back. Anyhow, I see you got the site fixed, and all the pictures are now loading as should be. I am very glad 🙂 and again, thank you for updaing the link for me and the others. I hope you’ll get a lot more traffic on the site, you are really trying your best 😉 hope to see some great links in the future


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