The MSN-00100 (MSN-100, MSN-001) Hyaku Shiki Papercraft by Yonggary is a prototype attack use Mobile Suit from the Universal Century timeline.

The unit was featured in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and was primarily piloted by Quattro Bajeena (Zeta) and Beecha Oleg (ZZ).

It has a codename “Delta Gundam” and was built by the Anaheim Electronic as part of Zeta Project.

The real designer for this model is Mamoru Nagano and Kazumi Fujita. Gotta bless these two for creating nice model like this

Hyaku Shiki model comes with pdo instruction guide and Gundam Papercraft designer is Yonggary, a Korean gundam designer.


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  1. i am very interested in the model Gundam Hyaku Shiki Papercraft and i want to change the color and convert to dxf file so i can cut them more easily so can you give me the password to open the file, just once

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