You have no idea how long have I been looking for this particular model.

Tachikoma is robot with soul from the anime Ghost in Shell and they comes in blue initially but at the end of anime they were turn into different color according to different company they were sent to.

I think the yellow one who’s in charge for road safety is pretty dashing but blue is more original.

Kudos to whomever that made this


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  1. Dean Smith (aka D0S81) says:

    I have the plans for this exact model. As far as I know it’s from a japanese magazine. So all the instructions are in japanes. I attempted making it once, but I never finished it. I still have the files for how to make it and the parts sheets to print out on my computer. I too have been looking for where it’s from because I’ve seen this model in red and yellow too and I’d one day love to try again and make them. The blue is the best though. If I can send you the plans somehow let me know how and I’ll be happy to send them. They are rare and hard to find for this model an despite changing computers a lot since finding them, I always make sure to take these files with me. They are sacred.

    1. Hi Dean thanks for the message. I think I have yellow in the site and a few other version of blue but still I would love to get the originals from you. Do email me at mypapercraft00 at gmail dot com

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