Front Mission Wild Goat Paper Model

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Googling Front Mission Wild goat at first brings me to a SNES video game walkthrough that mention Wild Goat as an equipment parts.

But after applying my level 10 searching skill on Google, I found out that Wild Goat wanzer appear in Front Mission First, Front Mission 4, Front Mission Online and Front Mission Evolved. So it did appeared in so many Front Mission video game series but not many discussion on this wanzer, why the lack of love people?

Wiki stated that in its first appearances Wild Goat had a tread as its default leg part, but it then become a two-legged wanzer model in Front Mission 4 and Online.

Wild Goat wanzer is made by the Leonora Enterprise of O.C.U. Australia. That’s quite far from Japan isn’t it..

In another news, don’t you think Front Mission’s wanzer look a bit like Metal Gear Rex?

Wild Goat papercraft is an easy paper model requiring only 1 sheet of paper to build.

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