Felo’melorn and Pride of the Sunstruders paper craft

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Felo’melorn and Pride of the Sunstruders-template is a legendary sword from World of Warcraft PC video game.

These two swords, Felo’ Melorn and Pride of the Sunstruders comes in many alternatives color and it’s included in the template.

Explanation by MorellAgrysis

Well, this was itching, but also a challenge. Obviously with the Legion World of Warcraft got even models not so easy to turn into papercrafts.

I had to edit all parts that were going through each other. (or didn’t touch at all) I think that if I didn’t do this, no one would prepare them for papercrafting, which would be a shame as Felo’melorn is one of the legendary swords of Azeroth.

(like Frostmourne, Ashbringer, Quel’delar, or warglaives of Azzinoth)

Download Felo’ Melorn

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