FDNY Ambulance Paper craft

New York Fire Department has always been a theme for movies and tv series. So wouldn’t you be interested in this ambulance paper craft ?

The New York City Fire Department Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, also known as the FDNY EMS Command, or FDNY EMS, was established on March 17, 1996, following the merger of the New York City Fire Department and New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation’s EMS division.

One thing that you must know that the ambulance is using FORD F350 model.

Now this ambulance model is pretty boxy. Which means it’s square all over. So assembling it is fairly easy any kids and adults can craft this.

The templates design is pretty detailed for a boxy paper craft model. And templates came in 3 designs, FDNY Ambulance, FDNY Hazmat and FDNY Driver Training Unit.

The scale is 1:100. Paper craft designed by Periot Design Studios.


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