Read Below For Password

Hi, my name is danbo and I’m just an average joe who likes to collect papercrafts.

English is not my main language thus the reason a lot of engrish in this site.

If you’re looking for password please read the FAQs below.


Q. How do I open .rar and .zip files?

Open zip/rar files using Winrar only which you may download from here

As per 2021, there is no longer RAR version for iOS. However you can use winzip .

However, If you don’t use winrar you might get Incorrect Password error.


Q. How do I open PDO files ?

PDO files is viewable using PDO Viewer which you can download from the button below . 



Q. How do I open PDF files ?

PDF files are viewable with Adobe PDF reader.


Q. How do I share my finished paper models?

To others that would like to share your models please take your model photo with a piece of paper with your nickname and written on the paper , submit to us by FB or by e-mail mypapercraft00 [at] gmail dot com .


Q. What is the password ?

Password for all Winrar files are

Unless stated differently on the post itself.


Q. I am still getting wrong Password? What is the Password

Like I said above, the password is

These are a few reason why you get incorrect password error.

  1. Did you copy paste the password in the password box? Please type it manually if you did do so. Copy pasted sometimes resulted in password error.
  2. Are you using different archiver than Winrar? Then that is your problem. Some Archiver accept .rar files, some doesn’t.
  3. Did you included ” ” symbol when you typed the password? The passwords are alphabets only, no symbol included.
  4. Did I mention of another password in the post where you download your templates? If I mention of a different password in the post itself, then that is the correct password for the files.
  5. Don’t open it with Pepakura Designer.


Why do Pepakura Designer said it’s the wrong password ?

Password are just for extracting Winrar files and not for Pepakura designer.