Hi My name is Danbo and below is FAQ for every question usually ask on mypapercraft.net . Please read this before contacting me

How Do I Open Rar and Zip Files

Open zip/rar files using 7zip only which you may download from here .

As per 2021, there is no longer RAR version for iOS. However you can use winzip .

How Do I Share My Paper crafts Model

E-mail me your model pictures attached with a piece of paper written your nickname/name and mypapercraft.net on it to mypapercraft00 (a) gmail. com

How Do I Open PDF Files

Use ADOBE PDF reader or any free PDF reader available on Google. It doesn’t matter which PDF reader you use, they’re all compatible.

What Is The Password

Password for all papercrafts is; “mypapercraft.net” . Unless mentioned on the article itself.

What Kind Of Paper Should I Use

Please read this article : What Kind of Paper to use for papercrafting , Best transparent Glue for papercrafting and How to make papercraft hard like Plastic

How Do I Open PDO Files

PDO files is viewable using PDO Viewer from Pepakura Designer. Download them below


How Do I Contact You

You may contact me via this page or via any social media we listed on the header or the sidebar. I am available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However I respond faster on e-mail.