This is Ex-Garland from Megazone 23 . Megazone 23 is a sci-fi anime about motorcycle than can turn into mecha robots.

The story of Megazone revolves around A young hero (Shogo Yahagi) probes a deadly government agenda after finding a sinister secret weapon.

The bike here first introduced by Shinji Nakagawa to Shogo as Bahamut as it can reach over of 300 km/h. Later Shogo change its name to Garland.

Shinji later was killed by the government military because Bahamut is actually a supercomputer that controls the events in this world

The series debuted in 1985. Designed by Toyoppe


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  1. are all the passwords for files in here by default is “” ?

    1. For the rar files, yes.

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