Epsilon Danball Senki Boost Paper craft

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Epsilon is a special character made exclusively for Danbal Senki Boost PSP game.

It is Ban Yamano’s newest LBX and handmade by Junichirou Yamano as Odin’s successor.

Its exclusive in the Danball Senki BOOST (the remake version of Danball Senki), and can be obtained after you cleared the game, and completed the designated quest to unlock it.

I’ve never played Danball Senki Boost before even though I did own a PSP, actually I’ve never heard of this title before but Epsilon looks like a really cool mecha.

Almost similar as Gundam so I thought why not share it here.

Fortunately Epsilon does come with a picture tutorial guide however I don’t understand it at all (the picture guide) . I hope you guys manage to understud it

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