Cosmic Angel Crimrose Papercraft

Crimrose is a game character, initially a female humanoid from the popular MMO mecha shooter “CosmicBreak”! by game company Cyberstep, now she is coming to your iPhone and browser as a new simulation game called Cosmic Angel.

Cosmic Angel is a game just like Danny Choo’s Mirai clock app with the option to have virtual conversation as if it was a Galge.

As of now the beta preview of Cosmic Angel only took place in her school classroom where she will hold all kind of conversation and wore all kind of outfit such as school uniform, gym bloomer, school swimsuit, and nurse uniform.

Cosmic Angel Crimrose game Papercraft requires only 5 sheets of paper, comes in .pdo and jpg pictures.

It has 2 sets of hands that you can change. The hands are of the same pose but one of them with more details to it. Crimrose papercraft designer is Kurimuroze


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