Cloud Strife FF7 Paper craft

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FF7 Remake is coming in April 10, 2020 and this is an awesome model of Cloud Strife Paper craft by crisiscraft.

If you’re fan of Final Fantasy 7 then you should know that FF7 Remake is coming soon on PS4. It will be relase in April 10 if Corona chan doesn’t get any worst.

However, the FF7 remake is not a full game , it’s just a “Part 1” of the whole game. I’ve read that they’re unsure when “Part 2” will come out.

My country is currently in a lockdown and I’m not sure if we could even get the game when it’s out.

Anyway this Cloud Strife model is made by crisiscraft but the site has been down.

We have another ver of Cloud made by another designer with a different pose too.

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