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Here’s another model from Shingeki No Kyojin’s anime and this time it’s a full figure version of Captain Levi.

I received another e-mail a few days ago and it was from a friend and he gave me this templates for free. He said ” do what you want with it”.. So I’m sharing it here with you guys. Thanks Makinzih 😀

Guys be sure to thanks Makinzih too and he said he’ll be sharing moar gooding templates with us soon 😀 😀

Okay so Levi here is a payable model by Lili so I supposed the models are made by her as well. It was based on the same figma by MaxFactory however I’m not sure if our paper craft kits here is pose-able.


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  1. Do you have the 5th page for this, if so can you email it to me with the password. thanks

    1. its the one with the hands, bottom of the boots and the little skirt thing I believe.

  2. Extension says:

    What the password?

  3. how do I access the rar file

  4. Where do I put the password?

    1. when you extract the rar

  5. im having dificult with nose some one can help me?

  6. Ayn Walker says:

    Can I get the other parts that are missing in that file, can I get the full file?

    1. Which part are missing? We already included all parts

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