Bagvz Anime Papercraft Showcase

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Hello guys today we have something from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright… Nope just kidding. This is from Bagvz Zuka AnimOnster.

He’s been on a roll and have been making papercraft after papercraft and they are all being done one/two days after another.

sorry, i’m late to… hehe… ok first asuna chibi…. I made about his chibi Asuna sweet and funny … and interesting to make…

next yui chibi I make chibi yui because of her family SAO… so I made to .. and not difficulty in making the character…

then I make chibi eren … why, because I want to make Kirito SAO but do not have his files … hehe, I made eren chibi because I liked her character. . SNK film, and there is no difficulty in making it …

and the last…. what i build…. surprise… Shiro from No game No Life.

I think there is no hard parts, because all instruction same with template … asuna 4 day, yui 3 day, eren 4 day , shiro 3 day

I was busy myself and I waited a few days for him to get his note above, so I decided to place everything in one page. Thanks Bagvz for sharing with MYP, if you like his model do visit him at Bagvz FB page

The model that he made are all available on . Just do a search and you’ll find it 🙂 Enjoy

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