Asano Ruri Vtuber Paper craft

Asano Ruri is part of Asano Ninja Sister Vtouber in Japan. This is her paper craft made by S.V.

Ruri?(??) – eldest sister, blue hairband, purple eyes. Often refers to herself as “onee-san” or big sister. She is the most active in the project and very responsive to fans, on Twitter and during livestream chats.

Good at singing, she always works hard and sometimes enjoys alcohol afterwards. In December 2018 she debuted a new model, replacing the headband with a blue flower hairpin.

As usual good looking well paper craft model like this is designed by S.V. We’re lucky he decided to share it for free instead of need to beg for it on Twitter.

Set up dimension 24.4Cm
A4 paper thickness 0.12mm ? 2 sheets
parts number 61 – 65 (selectable)

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