11 Bleach Cosplay Swords Papercraft

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Here are 11 of katana and swords papercraft from the anime Bleach. They are all in cosplay sizes

The list of Bleach swords are ; Suzumebachi, Tensa Zengetsu, Suzumushi , Zabimaru, Zangetsu, Haineko, Kenpachi, Kyouga Suisetsu, Shinsou, Pantera, and Hyourinmaru. All of this swords and katana contains spirits that would sometime appear alongside the owner of the swords.

All of these weapon are called Zanpakuto and all the spirits are formed from the owner’s souls and they are among the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. The swords are reflections of a Shinigami’s power and soul, and sentient beings unto themselves.

Bleach swords and katana papercraft designer is ACE crafts. Most of the papercraft requires only around 4-5 sheets of paper

11 Bleach Cosplay Swords Papercraft Templates Download

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