Yamaha YZR-M1 Superbike Papercraft

Yamaha recently releases YZR-M1 paper model kit that was based on Superbike ridden by Valentino Rossi. Why was this model chosen by Yamaha with Valentino Rossi name slapped on it... more

Diorama Railway Barrier Papercraft

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates. It has been a while since I posted a Diorama papercraft right? Here I got us a Railway Barrier that you could... more

Tudor Cottage Diorama

Feeling a bit sentimental and RPGish after posting Airpub . It reminds me of this game back on PS2 called Dark Cloud. If I remember correctly it was about a boy... more

Gate of the Orion Architecture Papercraft

Known as The Gate to the east and Gate of the Orient this building is situated in Suzhou Jiangsu, China cost $700 million to build. Gate of The Orion Landmark emphasizes... more

Tournoel Castle Papercraft

The Château de Tournoël is part of Puy de la Bannière . The castle or Chateau is dated back in XIth Century belonged to the Counts of Auvergne, in XIIIth... more

Acturus Diorama Building Papercraft

This iconic building is from Acturus : The Curse and Loss of Divinity. Acturus was made by the same person that made Ragnarok Online Acturus : The Curse and Loss... more