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SAO is shortform for Sword Art Online anime that was showing last season. It’s about bunch of mmorpg player that stuck in virtual world after a mad scientist decided to lock everyone’s brain in the virtual gear .

SAO family papercraft contains Kirito, Asuna and their virtual child , Yui.

This started as an april fool post but now we really do have Sao family papercraft in our hand.

APRIL FOOL!! sorry guys this was just an april fool post i made specifically to tease our fb fanpage :P Gotcha haha
Surprisingly it got a lot of fb likes ? lol

Sword Art Online Yui Templates
Sword Art Online Asuna Templates

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  1. When will you upload Kirito’s template?

  2. Yes! Please upload Kirito

  3. Yes! Please upload Kirito [2]

    searched on google but did not find, please upload the template for us *-*

  4. hm.. reason.. i just want to complete my collection SAO fam’s. if u like maybe send by email.
    i already collect 2 of it. thank u

  5. another reason is that i want to give the sao family to my grilfriend, please, upload it

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