Black Rock Shooter Papercraft

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Black Rock Shooter is the main character of anime OVA Black★Rock Shooter, the RPG of Black★Rock Shooter, the anime series and the manga Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~.

Black Rock Shooter has a pale-skinned, blue-eyed girl, with black hair in uneven twintails; the right lock of her hair is shorter than her left. She bears two scars on her midriff. A blue flame shoots out from her left eye. She is somewhat looking like Hatsune Miku in many ways.

The relation between her character and Miku is that Black Rock Shooter is supposed to be just another Hatsune Miku’s song , and that is why they share a lot of common style.

Black Rock Shooter Papercraft is a full scale version of black rock shooter figure. Black Rock Shooter Papercraft templates Requires 8 sheets of paper and with instruction on how to assemble.

Black Rock Shooter Papercraft Templates

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  1. damn man… the one i’ve created have long leg.. and its soo damn …

  2. this is so kool!! *O*
    but i dont understand the installation
    the instructions didnt help as much

    but i saw numbers r they suppose to represent something?

  3. It asked for a password. do you have it?

  4. What kind of paper did you use to make this?
    On the cloak, it’s like i must print the color on the both side

    Sorry if my english is bad

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